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Security. Monitoring. Tracking. Surveillance. All in real time. Our RTU's flexible, scalable and secure solutions can be applied across any number of industries and applications to improve ongoing operational efficiency while delivering a solid return on investment.

We will always endeavor to provide you with the products that best fit your requirements taking into account technical and budgetary parameters.

  • Cloudgate from Option
  • JACE from Tridium
  • TBox from Servelec Technologies

The internet of everything!

Smart wireless IOT solutions

Wherever remote communications and data transfer is required, Option provides a cost-effective solution.

Option's CloudGate is the complete M2M solution platform that provides connectivity, security and processing power for global applications, with a comprehensive set of provisioning and development tools to deliver ease of deployment and maximum flexibility.

Imagine the possibilities. Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting to prevent downtime. Remote monitoring to ensure ongoing service calls are only made when they're needed.

Whatever the application, Cloudgate can provide the gateway that connects your machines to the cloud...

CloudGate M2M
The CloudGate Gateway device

The CloudGate Gateway device, is an intelligent and adaptable 3G/LTE wireless gateway that provides connectivity and on-board processing power for global, business-critical M2M applications.

CloudGate has...
  • Flexible and modular hardware via a large variety of available hardware expansion boards supporting multiple communication interfaces — easily modifiable and adaptable to low volume or unique situations
  • Proven, reliable and secure
  • Carrier-approved and standards-compliant
  • Edge computing capability enabling cloud-based data mining that supports 'big data' and analytics for M2M

Download the Cloudgate data sheet

JACE from Tridium

The JACE 8000 is a compact, embedded IoT (Internet of Things) controller and server platform for connecting multiple and diverse devices and sub-systems.

With Internet connectivity and Webserving capability, the JACE 8000 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management.

The JACE 8000
The JACE 8000 device

The JACE 8000 streams data and rich graphical displays to a standard Web browser via an Ethernet or wireless LAN, or remotely over the Internet.

The licensing model for the JACE 8000 controller is simplified and features standard drivers along with optional IO and field bus expansion modules for ultimate flexibility and expandability.

The JACE 8000 controller operates with Niagara 4, the latest version of the Niagara Framework®, for optimum performance.

In larger facilities, multi-building applications and large-scale control system integrations, Niagara 4 Supervisors can be used with JACE 8000 controllers to aggregate information, including real-time data, history and alarms, to create a single, unified application.

Download the TRIDIUM JACE data sheet

TBox from Servelec Technologies

The TBox line of SCADA and control products is ideal for large and small distributed applications where its push and Web technologies enable high performance yet economical implementation and operation.

Thanks to its advanced IP capabilities, onsite staffing of your SCADA control room 24 hours a day is now a thing of the past. Only TBox incorporates full Web server technology with SMS reporting and remote control to give you real-time access anytime, anywhere through a standard Web browser.

Now, you can receive a SCADA alarm and communicate to your site remotely, using a mobile phone.

Automatic alarm escalation allows key maintenance personnel to receive any unacknowledged SCADA alarm.

The TBox control product
TBox device
TBox combines
  • alarm notification
  • data logging
  • integral web server
  • IP telemetry
  • programmable automation

In a single, rugged package. TBox uniquely supports a broad range of core functionality.

Download the TBox data sheet